• An analysis of your gaming Audiences
  • A clear understanding of how to Targeted Geography and its Trends
  • Find out about the most demanded Game Genres
  • Find out about all Necessary Compliances & Regulations
  • Opt to choose a Reliable Game Development Company
  • Make sure you communicate your requirements clearly with the Development Team. Game Development Company
  • Take a look at all the necessary and Proven Marketing Factors

1. Game Development Lifecycle

Every successful game has an intriguing plot and the story is proven to be successful when it is well-planned and then realized effectively. Every game development firm must stretch the appropriate chords to develop the game. They must plan the route to turn the idea into a tangible reality with the help of a well-trained and experienced team of designers and developers. Every gaming project must have a clearly defined business plan. From a perspective of business it is important to set appropriate goals for the project.

2. Idea Analysis

The most crucial aspect of the game design process is the conceptualization of the concept. Project managers need to gather information about the type of game and genre, the intended audience, antagonist and protagonists of games and more. Then, the whole concept is shaped into a document called a game concept documents. The idea of gaming is discussed with the design and development team, with reference to the document to ensure they can move on to following steps.

3. Technical Requirements Analysis

The technical requirements for the development of games are examined and a clearly-defined document is developed that covers the technology stack, the platforms involved including mobiles, consoles smart TVs, smart wears etc., framework language, plugins, and technical specifications.

4. Game Art

The design of UI/UX, or the creation of games and other assets should be handled by a team of creative designers who are able to create characters for games, game story visualization, asset creation, and more. Fantasy League White Label Software Development

5. Game Development

The game’s features or functions are developed using cutting-edge games development techniques, tools and frameworks like HTML 5, Cocos 2D, Unity, NodeJS and many more to develop front-end and backend for games with multiple backends.

6. Testing

After the development phase Testing of all game’s components is carried out to analyze and finding the bugs and verify whether the game is running as intended or not.

7. Publishing

Finally, the game is ready to launch and released, but before the time that marketing assets like game trailers and screenshots are prepared to promote the game.

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