It is almost certain that the Asia Cup 2023 will be held in Pakistan. At the same time, the Indian team will also be a part of the Asia Cup without going to Pakistan. Team India will play all its matches in other countries. Cricket Betting Software Development Company

The dispute going on for the last 5 months regarding the hosting of Asia Cup 2023 is almost on the verge of being resolved. Recently, in the meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), it has almost become a matter that Pakistan will host the Asia Cup, during this it was also made clear that the Indian team will not go to Pakistan and it will play all its matches in some other country.

According to the report, ACC along with BCCI and PCB have also agreed on this format for hosting the Asia Cup as there was no other way left to successfully organize the Asia Cup 2023. However, an official statement from ACC is yet to come on this. There is also news that a working group has been formed to make this tournament a success, which will soon start working on the schedule of Asia Cup matches in Pakistan and other host countries, movement of teams and logistic travel.

Where will the Indian team compete?

In the Asia Cup 2023, the Indian team will play all its matches outside Pakistan. In such a situation, Asian countries like UAE, Sri Lanka and Oman can host the matches of the Indian team. The name of England is also coming out here. This tournament is to be held in September, so during this time the country in which the weather and conditions will be favorable for cricket, will get a chance to become the host of Asia Cup 2023 along with Pakistan.

What was the whole controversy?

The Asia Cup 2023 was scheduled to be held in Pakistan. According to the rotation, Pakistan was going to have the right to host but last year BCCI Secretary Jai Shah had clearly said that if the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan then the Indian team will not be a part of this tournament. Since then, there was a dispute between BCCI and PCB regarding the hosting of Asia Cup 2023.

PCB wanted to organize the Asia Cup in Pakistan, while the BCCI’s stand was clear that the Indian cricket team would not play in Pakistan. In this situation all experts are saying that asia cup will be cancled beacuse india will not going to paksitan to play asia cup and pakistan will put their all effort to host asia cup in pakistan only. PCB warn Indian cricket board that if Indian cricket team will not come to paksitan to play asia cup the our team will not play world cup matches in India. India host ODI world cup in 2023 and paksistan saying if india will not come to play asia cup then we will not going to india to play ODI world Cup.


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