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Need to drop the Vlsisoftech branding? Pick the white mark plan and include a portion of our most normal highlights to your betting software.

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Betting Types - Betting Website Software

There are a few conventional and new styles of betting out there in the market. We enable you to pick which ones you might want to join during the whitelabel betting software advancement and include new styles.

Single Bets

Perfect for beginners, the Single bet includes just a solitary unit of the cash in question on a straightforward result. This enables novices to get started in the betting market just as get a desire for winning.

Pool Betting

This sort of betting rewards every one of the players with the correct choice as opposed to being subject to the result of the apparatus.

Double Bets

Double Bets require two choices to be made inside a bet and the client possibly wins if the two results are to support them. Somewhat more progressed than the single bet, twofold wagers are prevalent among novices when they need to win enormous.


Generally prevalent among the betting network, over/under expects players to foresee on the off chance that they figure a score will be over ‘X’ number or under ‘X’ number to win. This can be connected to any game with a countable measurement.

Easy Way

This bet to be sure is the path of least resistance. Clients bet on both the results of the game and get paid a small amount of the success.


Somewhat more perplexing yet similarly as prevalent as conventional betting, handicaps are perfect for betting professionals.

Head To Head

Effectively reasonable by new kids on the block and favored by specialists, Head to Head enables players to bet on the ultimate result of the game – win, lose or draw