Pakistan defeated South Africa on Thursday to keep their hopes of reaching the semi-finals alive.

In the World Cup 2022, now the picture of the semi-finals is slowly becoming clear. Pakistan beat South Africa by 33 runs in the Super-12 match. After this result, the semi-final battle has become even more exciting. However, the road ahead for Babar Azam’s team is not that easy and a lot will depend on luck and circumstances to reach the semi-finals. Let us understand how Pakistan can reach the semi-finals. Design and Develop Sports Betting Software with Lenious Sofwtare

The situation on the Points Table right now
Talking about the points table of World Cup 2022, now India is on top with 6 points. India’s next match is with Zimbabwe. If Team India wins this match, then it will be on top with 8 points and will reach the semi-finals. If this match is canceled and the points are divided, even then Team India will have 7 points and it will be a contender to reach the semi-finals. India reaching the semi-finals is now almost certain. South Africa is at number two with 5 points and Pakistan is at number three.

Understand Pakistan’s chances of reaching the semi-finals

The hope of reaching the semi-finals of Pakistan is made after many if and buts, then understanding this whole math. If Pakistan wins the next match against Bangladesh, then it will get 6 points but if India also wins from Zimbabwe and South Africa defeats the Netherlands, then both the teams will have 8 and 7 points respectively. In such a situation, the roads to Pakistan are completely closed. If one of them will lost their next game supposed India loses with zimbabwe then Pakistan will qualify if they win against Bangladesh because Pakistan has a good run rate as compared to India.

The second situation is that Pakistan wins against Bangladesh and both India and South Africa lose their next match or either of the two teams loses their match. If both teams lose the match, then India will have only 6 points and South Africa will have only 5 points. In such a situation, both India and Pakistan will have 6 points. In this situation, South Africa will be out of the semi-finals. If India wins the match and South Africa loses, then with 8 points on the points table, Team India will be on top and will make it to the semi-finals.

The third situation is that if Pakistan wins their next match but South Africa is unable to play the next match due to rain, then both teams will get one point each. In such a situation, if Pakistan’s run rate is better than South Africa, then it can enter the final with India. However, it is certain that to reach the semi-finals, Pakistan not only needs a win but it also depends a lot on how the other teams are playing.


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