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We Support All Auto Racing Bet Types

Race Winner

Race Winner is the simplest and most straightforward type of bet. You choose a driver you want to bet on and wait for the results. If your selected driver finishes first, you make a profit. It’s as easy as pie!

For each upcoming race, a list of drivers and their corresponding odds of winning is provided. Some drivers are favored more than others, resulting in a wide range of odds, from 2 to 1 all the way up to 100 to 1. The favored drivers have lower odds, while those considered less likely to win have higher odds. If a less favored driver finishes first, the player who bet on them earns a delicious profit.

Driver Matchups (Head To Head Bets)

Driver Matchups (Head To Head Bets) are exciting but nerve-wracking. It’s essentially a competition between two drivers to secure the highest position at the end of the race. However, these drivers may or may not be directly competing against each other. The bet is on which driver finishes higher at the end of the race, even if they are in different races altogether.

Markets In Auto Races

Auto racing prop bets, also known as proposition bets, are interesting wagers offered by bookmakers to give bettors a chance to try their luck and win exciting prizes. There are various fun and thrilling prop bets available, including predicting the winning vehicle’s nationality, the fastest lap, the winning vehicle’s number, whether it will be an even or odd number, and even specific brand-related bets like the winning vehicle being a Chevy. Additionally, you can also bet on the driver with the fastest lap, compare a favorite driver against the field, and more. The range of prop bets depends on the racing series, such as F1, which offers a wide variety due to different manufacturers, drivers from various nationalities, and other factors. Each prop bet will have associated odds, similar to picking the race winner. The more challenging or unlikely the proposition bet, the higher the potential payouts for winning bets.


Futures bets in auto racing depend on the specific race being wagered on. One of the most popular futures bets is the NASCAR series. We also support other less popular formats of auto racing betting, such as podium finishes (top 3), top 6 finishes, winning margin, and fastest qualifier.

Indy Car

IndyCar Series is a prestigious open-wheel racing series in North America with a rich history spanning over 100 years. It is highly attractive for betting due to its significance, high stakes, and the use of fast, sleek, and exciting vehicles. These races are eagerly anticipated by fans and bettors alike.


NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is the second-largest spectator sport in the United States. It encompasses a governing body for numerous races rather than being a specific race itself. With NASCAR events scheduled throughout the year, there are plenty of betting opportunities for gamblers and players.

Formula 1 GP And World Championship

The combination of the fastest open-wheel race and the best drivers in the world makes this championship the most anticipated one. It is held in various parts of the world, including the United States, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Malaysia, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Belgium, India, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Monaco, and Singapore, making it a highly popular title.

What Makes A Software The Best Auto Racing Betting Software


When it comes to betting software, security is of utmost importance. Players need to feel safe when placing their bets. The reputation of the company plays a significant role in instilling a sense of security. Reputation is based on factors such as performance over the years, longevity in the industry, and the relationship with players and gamblers.


Player retention is a result of the quality provided. A visually appealing website and user-friendly interface are essential for customer acquisition, but it’s crucial to maintain their interest and loyalty once they enter the platform and place their bets.

Platform Quality

Maintaining players is a direct result of the quality of service provided. A visually appealing website and user-friendly sign-up page are great for acquiring new clients, but the most important aspect is retaining them when they enter the dashboard and place their bets.

Odds And Markets

It is crucial to offer top-notch odds and a diverse market to attract investors and players from various sports such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and more. Providing a wide range of options ensures that there is something for everyone.


Last but not least, convenience is a key factor that players look for in the software they choose. Seamless user experience is vital at every step, from the account sign-up process to adding different payment options, using the platform, withdrawing funds through preferred payment methods, and much more.